Scared of Your Bad Web Design
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Today’s world is highly synonymous with innovation and advancements in technology. The design that you elect to utilize for your business is more than just a symbol of your status in the virtual world. Its overall level of usability, content, and the experiences that internet users have while on the site – or, the general lack of these elements -has a direct impact on the bottom line of your business. There are immense and potentially devastating consequences to neglecting the appearance and design of your business website. Unfortunately, many businesses simply do not realize this.

Common Reasons for Not Placing Website Design as a Priority

As a business, it is quite likely that you know and understand the sheer important of having a website. You may even know that its design is critical to its overall success; however, you may not place its design as a priority. There are several common reasons businesses fail in terms of investing their time and resources into the design of their website.

First, many make the mistake of believing they are capable of running the website all on their own – even if they do not have the expertise or general know-how.

Then, there are those that lack the financial resources to invest in the design aspect of their website. Finally, many do not realize that their website design is a critical component to the creation and maintenance of their competitive edge within their industry.

Characteristics of Bad Website Design

There is no particular scheme, theme, or formula that specifies a bad design from a good design; however, there are several characteristics that indicate a design may be poorly executed. A website may display a superior idea, with inferior elements. It could have solid potential, yet poor execution.

Regardless, any poor component in a website could damage the optimization of the site, as a whole.

Additionally, it could have a detrimental impact on your search engine optimization. Review the following characteristics. If any of these are part of your website, it is a red flag that it is time for a few adjustments:

  1. Too Much or Too Little Animation – If done correctly, animations may come across professional on your site. On the other hand, if too many are used or large files are utilized, animations may result in many complications. These include making it difficult for users to find what they seek, slowing page loads, and making the site a little too overwhelming for the average visitor.
  2. Too Cluttered – Most professional websites only have a few elements. These may include a value statement, a picture, and a call to action. If your website is too crowded, it appears less credible, less professional. It should have an ample amount of white space. Simplicity is actually more appealing than a crowded website.
  3. Low Usability – Internet users should be able to go to your website, find relevant information, and find that it is easy to use. If you have low usability on your site, you will quickly lose your visitors.
  4. Content Issues – Your website should include content that is useful, high in quality, and optimized for search engines. If it does not, you will quickly discover that your conversion rates diminish. Content is the core of solidifying your credibility and ranking high within search engine results. Despite what many believe, content problems are website design problems and should be dealt with immediately.
  5. Not Mobile-Friendly – Another common issue that may lend to poor website design is the fact that the site is not mobile-friendly. Most people connect to the internet with a mobile device. If your website is not designed for those screens, it will not display properly and the users that find your website will immediately click away from it.

Bad Design is Unprofessional

According to research, 75% of all consumers have stated that they judge the credibility of a business by evaluating their website design. A business website is one that requires a significant amount of ongoing attention. This helps to ensure that it is able to stay up-to-date and that it is completely in-line with all of the current trends occurring. Also, this helps in making certain that you meet the expectations of your customers. If you fail to stay on top of your design processes, it could lend to your business developing an unprofessional image.

It does not matter if you are in the process of launching a business or you want to expand your current business, having an online platform where customers can discover your products and/or services is critical to your overall success.

Unfortunately, many of today’s businesses have lean budgets and a limited amount of time. This results in extreme difficulties when it comes to creating a professional appearance. If you fail to place an emphasis on your website design, your business is sure to come off as being an unprofessional one. Do not allow yourself to fall into this trap. You should have a goal to stand out among others that are in the same market. Even if it takes a little extra time and a little extra money.

Hard To Use Website
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User Interface is Hard to Use

Poor website design has the potential to create problems in terms of usability for internet users. According to research, up to 53% of all business websites lose their visitors because of the fact that they find it difficult to explore using the navigation that is in place. Users have a specific goal when they visit your website. If they have problems achieving their goal, they will move away from your website entirely. You know where they go afterwards? To the website of your competition. Website design must be systematic, highly logical, and easily interactive.

When creating objectives for your website, it is imperative that they are clearly outlined and/or defined for those that visit the site. You should ensure that all pages are clearly titled, accessible, and that the navigation system works easily and properly.

The goal of your website is to make certain that users can obtain information quickly and easily, and that the information is helpful.

If you succeed in these components when designing your website, you are sure create a professional-looking website that may be easily maneuvered by your visitors.

Poor Website Design May Result in Poor Functionality

User experience is critical in website design. To optimize this, you must prioritize the overall functionality of your website. In order to create a truly functional site, it is important that you place an emphasis on the behavior of your target users, implement a highly effective UI, and know what actions will result in completely solid results in your business. You must ensure that every single component of your business is working properly at all times. The following outlines the most common functionality issues that could detrimentally impact your business:

  1. Code Complications – If you have code complications throughout your business website, it will result in design complications, as well. Improperly set up or maintained code may result in slow loading times, empty spaces and lines, and other issues – all of which impacts the user experience.
  2. Lack of HTTPS – These days, many people will not visit a website that does not have a “HTTPS” in the link. If your website does not have this additional layer of security, you should add it as soon as possible. Not doing it may result in losing traffic. If you require visitors to input sensitive information, customers can rest assured that the information is secure and that it will be safe. They will trust your website and this will increase brand loyalty.
  3. Broken Links – Many websites include broken links. If your website visitors click on a link and they are taken to an error page, they may click away from the website completely. Broken links always result in a poor experience for the user. You may go through your website manually, with special software, or hire a company to check all links. If any are discovered, remove them immediately.
  4. Outdated – Website trends – in terms of design – change consistently. If you are behind in the game, it will show. If you are not on the up and up with the latest and greatest – in terms of trends – your website visitors will be able to tell. As they are able to tell, they will actually move away from your site and to that of your competition.
  5. Lack of SEO – Now, your website visitors may or may not be able to tell if your website is properly optimized for search engines; however, if you do not include search engine optimization, it is quite likely that your customers will not even be able to discover your site. This is definitely a design issue that must be dealt with immediately. If your website lacks SEO, you are definitely in a proverbial “Check-Mate” when it comes to the possibility of achieving any type of success.
User Experience Design
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Designing Your Website

Designing a website may seem like a daunting endeavor. This is especially true now that you know what causes ineffective design. Basically, it all boils down to a few elements.

First, you should define the purpose and the overall strategy that your website will use. Second, you should research design trends and incorporate them into your site.

Next, select a template. You should then customize the template for your business.

Next, place an emphasis on your branding and adding in search optimized content. Then, you are ready to publish your website.

After publication, evaluate it closely for trends such as a high bounce rate, lack of engagement, and click-thru rates. Adjust as necessary.

We Can Help

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