Website optimization – which is commonly referred to as “search engine optimization” or “SEO” – is a type of marketing discipline that has the primary focus on optimizing a website’s overall visibility in organic based – or “non-paid” – results in search engines, such as Google. Website optimization is an absolute “must” when it comes to achieving success on the World Wide Web. To learn where to start and how to do it, continue reading.

Why Does My Website Need to be Optimized?

A large portion of all web “traffic” is driven by major search engines. The top-rated search engines in today’s world are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL.

In addition to search engines, other platforms – such as those in social media like Facebook and Twitter – aid in the generation of visits.

It does not matter if you specialize in information, sell certain products, or offer services – it is imperative that your website is optimized in such a way that internet users can be directed to it. In essence, search engines and other platforms act as the “roads” on the information super highway that lead users to the destination that is most appropriate for their needs. This is the ultimate goal of website optimization – ensuring your site is found and visited.

Step #1: Get a Website Audit

The first step that should be taken in order to ensure that your website is properly optimized is to get a website audit. This is a specially-designed inspection that evaluates all aspects of your website in order to determine what needs to be revised in order to attract visitors, engage those visitors on your website, and convert them into paying, loyal customers.

The recommendations are geared towards your overall success and are designed to ensure that you are able to grow your customer base and your profits.

To get up-to-date on all the latest and greatest in search engine optimization strategies for your website, you may obtain a free website audit today contacting us.

Step #2: Pay Attention to the Words and Phrases That You Use

In search engine optimization for websites, search queries are the backbone to success. These are the words and phrases that internet users when searching for items of interest on the internet. These words and phrases are often dubbed “keywords” or “keyword phrases”.

These simple terms and phrases have the ability to make or break your site. You have to be certain that you use those that internet users will type in, as well as those that users may use when using voice searches on their mobile devices.

By integrating both types into your website, you are sure to find that you receive higher amounts of traffic and generate more profits, over time.

Step #3: Create Content for Users, Not Search Engines

One of the main methods to optimizing your website is to generate content that is designed for internet users and not search engines. We realize that this may be a bit confusing – especially since this is all about optimization for ranking your website higher in search engines, but, we will explain. In essence, a search engine is a type of software program that answers questions.

Include content on your website that answers questions for REAL people – not for search engines.

Your website should include valuable content that is considered to be unique, not just duplicate content that is already on the internet. If you create a website that is rich with unique information, you are sure to find that you achieve higher levels of success than you ever thought possible.

Step #4: You Need Sales. Your Website Visitors Do Not

If you have a website, it is likely that you are trying to sell a service or a product. You have to remember that YOU are the one that needs sales to generate profits, NOT your website visitors. Do not create content to “sell”; rather, consider the WHY behind your visitor landing on your page. According to professionals in the industry, people search the internet because they have a need.

They NEED an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, or other type of information to assist them in one way or another.

DO NOT push sales.

Instead, offer answers, solutions, and the information that your visitors NEED. If you do this, they will do what YOU want; that is, make a purchase. Optimize all content to ensure it gives answers, provides solutions, and offers value and you will generate profits in return.

Step #5: Get Social

The next step to ensuring website optimization is to get social; that is, take your website on social media platforms. Today, the most popular social media networks and Apps are Facebook, YouTube (Yes, it IS now considered to be a social media network), Instagram, Qzone, Weibo, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest,, and Tumblr. When you take your website onto these networks and/or Apps, be sure to be engaging, interact with other users, and offer links to relevant content on your website. Social signals carry a high amount of weight when it comes to website optimization. In addition to your website rankings going up, getting social helps you build your brand, increase trust, and build loyalty – all of which are necessary for the success that you want to achieve on the web!

We Can Help!

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