It is a known fact that SMS marketing is one of the most affordable and effective solutions to connect with customers. Statistics state that text messaging offers approximately 209% of a higher response rate than that of other marketing channels – such as email, phone calls, and social media.

Unfortunately, many businesses often attempt connection through the standard channels, which results in loss of customer engagement and revenue.

If you truly want to achieve success in your business endeavors, SMS is the way to go and SMS marketing software will lend heavily to your success. What are the best platforms? Continue reading to find out. 

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What is SMS Marketing Software? 

SMS marketing software is a specially-designed and cloud-based automation solution that aids businesses of all industries. It allows businesses to send direct text messages, email messages, and even MMS to targeted audiences quickly and effectively.

This type of software is also referred to as “business text messaging software”.

It offers a solution for companies that have a desire to plan and directly implement the various marketing campaigns that they create into SMS (Short Message Services) texts that specifically target mobile devices that are used by consumers. 

What is the Goal of SMS Marketing?

The goal of SMS marketing is to send either promotional or transactional-based messages to consumers using text messaging through SMS capabilities. In most instances, the messages offer that which is time-sensitive, alerts to those that have consented to receive them, and various types of updates in bulk through the click of a button. 

Is SMS Marketing a Legal Form of Marketing? 

Yes, SMS marketing is legal; however, it is regulated directly under US law. This law is intended to protect consumers from receiving messages that are unsolicited.

The two main laws that you can research to find out more about the policies and procedures associated with SMS marketing campaigns are the Telephone Consumer Protection Act – which is often referred to as the “TCPA” – and the CAN-SPAM Act. 

How Does a Business Start SMS Marketing? 

The following steps are typically performed by businesses that start an SMS marketing campaign through a software platform:

  1. First, the company will collect consent from consumers to send them text messages. 
  2. The SMS messages are then designed and set up for broadcasting purposes. 
  3. The company will carefully examine all laws and the best practices associated with the marketing endeavor. 
  4. The email of the company and the strategy being implemented will then be united. 
  5. The materials and the content created for the marketing campaign will be set up and the company will be ready to broadcast through the SMS marketing software platform. 

What Are the Top SMS Marketing Software Services Used by Businesses Today?

Below, you will find the top 5 most reputable and popular SMS marketing software services that are currently used today with a brief introduction to each:

  1. Simple Texting – Simple Texting offers an exceptionally powerful all-in-one plan that includes a multitude of features available for businesses that want to maximize their marketing exposure. Examples of the features that you will benefit from with this platform include mass texting, 2-way messaging, autoresponders, custom creation of fields, data collection services, customer segmentation information for smarter and more relevant texts, link tracking, access for multiple users, MMS marketing, the integration of Mailchimp, the automation of tasks through apps, text to win, text to vote, web forms, extended messaging, and rollover credits. 
  2. TextMagic – If you are in the market for a comprehensive SMS marketing software platform, TextMagic is the way to go! With over 100,000 happy users, this platform offers businesses a wide range of marketing solutions to maximize their return on investment. Examples include email to SMS gateway, gateway API, software solutions for both a PC and a Mack, two-way chat systems, distribution lists, and the capability of sending mass messages to over 190 different countries throughout the world. The pricing is highly competitive. For example, you can send 1,000 messages to consumers within the United States for the exceptionally low price of just $40.00! You simply cannot beat this platform if you are searching for a cost-effective marketing solution. 
  3. Salesmsg – If you are in search of a simple solution to produce scalable two-way calling and texting for your business, salesmsg is the best SMS marketing software platform for your business! The platform utilizes a very simple dashboard that will allow you to send and receive and even manage all of your text messages online. You may easily engage with your customers directly. You may use pre-created responses, have unlimited amounts of contacts, and combine the power of both SMS and MMS – which includes gifs, emojis, and even vcards! If you are looking to truly personalize your communications that you have with your customers, this is the best software platform for your needs! 
  4. Click Send – ClickSend is a company that specializes in designing products that are easy to utilize and have the capability of generating business. It provides results and data that will let you customize your messaging systems. You will get to enjoy features such as the SMS gateway, MMS gateway, voice gateway, rich messaging, email, fax, online posting, and 100% Uptime SLA. One of the best perks of using this software platform is the fact that you may send messages globally and quickly – immediately after creating – with just a push of the button. The delivery times are lightning fast, include military-grade level security. You will experience the highest performance in direct routes and support 24/7. 
  5. EZ Texting – This software platform offers numerous ecommerce solutions for companies seeking a well-rounded marketing solution. To date, in excess of 4 billion messages have been sent by companies – just like yours! Examples of companies that utilize this platform include Goodwill, Ashley HomeStore, The University of Arizona, IKEA, The Container Store, and Crunch. With this platform, your business has the ability to connect to more, convert higher levels, and drive traffic. You will find that it is easy to grow your base, engage the members that you send messages to, convert high-quality leads, and in super-fast speeds! 

What to Look for in a SMS Marketing Software Platform

When searching for an SMS marketing software platform, there are certain features and characteristics that you should search for. The following outlines a general list that you should focus on when attempting to find a platform for your business to market on:

  1. First, you should evaluate the online reviews and articles that expound on the opinions of the platform that you are researching. Reputation is a key component to ensuring that you select the best software. 
  2. You should carefully evaluate the main features, the overall functionality of the software, and the pricing associated with the software. If the platform is priced too high or too low, you should really take your time as the results you receive from that software may be less than favorable. 
  3. You should evaluate the website to determine if it the platform offers a comprehensive explanation of exactly how the software operates and the features associated with the program. 
  4. Next, outline the various scenarios that you may come across that will allow you to use the tools and features that are offered by the platform. It is always best to use a platform that offers too much for you to use rather than a platform that does not offer enough of what you want and need to effectively market your business. 
  5. Evaluate the platform to determine if it offers any type of guarantee of the effectiveness of the tools and features that are offered. The last thing you want is to do more harm than good and not have some sort of protection in place. Remember, with SMS text marketing, it only takes one message or even one feature to destroy your campaign. You do not want to throw away your money or waste your efforts. 
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Are There Multiple Uses for SMS Marketing Messages?

Yes, ultimately, the SMS messages are designed to be sent in bulk to promote, inform, and/or to cover transactions.

You may also send offers, discounts, offer freebies, maintain your list of contacts, generate reports that provide comprehensive feedback that will help in customizing your marketing endeavors, analyze the response rates of those messages, schedule deliveries of the messages, and more!

If you want to deliver optimal customer service while promoting the products and/or services that you offer, you should only opt for the best SMS marketing software platform for your needs. 

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