For years, content marketing has been considered one of the biggest trends that have emerged in the world of marketing. In short, this is the practice or art of creating and then distributing content that is considered to be both relevant and valuable to potential consumers. Since the rise of YouTube, TikTok, and even Reels by Meta for Creators, video marketing endeavors have taken off.

Most advanced-level marketers attest to the fact that video marketing is the NEW marketing strategy and that it is the FUTURE of marketing. In a world where nearly 70% of all internet traffic is video usage, NOW is the time to take advantage of this immense opportunity! While some basic-level videos may experience success, those that will experience MASSIVE success are those that utilize the art of storytelling at the core of the campaign. Continue reading to learn more!

Video Storytelling

The Key to EVERY Successful Video

Before we delve any further into this guide, there is one thing that you should know. That is, the key to every successful video is a story! Storytelling is one of the most ancient types of communication. When used by your business, it aids in building AND establishing communications between your brand and consumers. This occurs on both a conscious and an unconscious level.

Storytelling helps your brand connect with consumers. In turn, it helps consumers connect with your brand on a personal, intimate level. Instead of a cold corporation or company, you are viewed as a brand with a human element.

Storytelling is the key to a successful marketing video. These videos have a direct impact on the engagement of consumers. Additionally, they impact the intentions, motivations, and behaviors of consumers.

To communicate with consumers, you must specialize in content media. This is the core of all “reach” when it comes to the internet. Storytelling is a way of communicating. It is also an effective means of enabling memories, increasing awareness, recalling and recognizing certain brands, and helping connect the dots from “problem” to “solution” among consumers.

Your “Kodak Moment”

In the year of 1961, the Kodak company launched one of the earliest and most memorable marketing campaigns – the “Kodak Moment”. This helped consumers associate their company with capturing images and the most special moments in life.

Depending on your age, you may remember this campaign and the tear-jerking commercials – well, more like “mini-series” – that were broadcasted on television. Even today, 61+ years later, you may still hear people say, “that was a Kodak moment”… Video marketing allows you to create your very own “Kodak Moment”.

Start Where They Are At

To create successful videos for marketing, you must have a solid story line. Your storytelling must be on point. To have on-point storytelling, you must start where they – the consumers – are at…not where you or your business is at. Many businesses make the mistake of creating videos that outline where they are, what they offer, and just go on and on about them and what they have to offer. This is a showstopper…do NOT make this mistake!

Your storytelling has to place an emphasis on your consumer and should be created from a point of view that is relatable to THEM. In other words, it is not about you or your business. We all know you want to make “the sell”, but forego all the so-called “pleasantries”. Consumers do not want all the mumbo jumbo. Straight up, they have an issue. You need to identify that. Then, you should tell a story regarding that issue and how it can be resolved – which, of course, is to use YOUR products and/or services – but you can’t just put it that way.

Consumers connect to “real world” storytelling and they want to know “real world” solutions that are capable of allowing them move past whatever issue, problem, etc. that they have. Your story must resonate with consumers on a deeply personal level. It should outline the difficulties associated with the main problem and then soft sell on real world solutions that may help them – your products and/or services.

Woman Telling Story


Every story has a few main elements. These include the beginning, the middle (conflict/problem), the characters, and the ending. So, we know that the beginning is the problem that is faced by your target audience. The middle expounds on this issue. The ending is the solution – which is the soft sell on the products and/or services that you offer. What about the characters? THIS is one of the most critical components of your video marketing campaign.

The characters that you use in your video storytelling should be people that fit the description of your target audience. This is your protagonist. It is the character that drives the outcome and overall action of the video. It is the character whose fate matters. They will be involved in the central plot or problem associated with your story. They are the emotional-based “heart” of your story. THIS character MUST fit the description of a person in your target audience that will benefit from the products and/or services that your business offers.

As with most stories, there will be others in your video. You must develop each and every character – detail by detail – in much the same way that you would when writing a book. Do not use too many characters, but do not use too few. There has to be a happy median. A story is a story is a story – it does not matter if you are writing it or it is in video form. Take special care when establishing your characters and portray them appropriately. Remember, you are after an instantaneous “connect” with your viewer.

The Emotional Tug

When storytelling in a video marketing campaign, it is essential that you create a type of emotional tug. The simple fact of the matter is that – as humans – we are emotional creatures. If you want to win over consumers with your marketing campaign, it is important to connect with the consumers on an emotional level. Consumers are most often driven to make a purchase based on their emotions. Now, do not PLAY on their emotions. To be successful, you just have to ignite an emotional response among your viewers. If we feel nothing when we watch something, we sure aren’t going to make a purchase after!


Human Psychology

Videos are known to have higher levels of engagement and extremely high interaction rates. It all comes down to psychology. As a medium, videos are much more engaging than other types of online content. Videos that captivate us, draw our attention, tug a bit on the heartstrings, and entice an emotional response are videos that enthrall us. Basic knowledge and the integration of human psychology can mean the difference between a basic viewer and the acquisition of a customer! Remember, just one minute of video is equal to approximately 1.8 MILLION words – so, make them count!

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