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May 29, 2017

The Importance of Local Citation Building for SEO

citation building

Digital marketing is all about acronyms. “SEO”, “SERP”, “KPI”, “PPV”, “CPM”. Confused yet? Recently, a new acronym was added to the list – “NAP”. This in effect means Citation Building.

citation building

NAP stands for “Name, Address, Phone Number”. Since the induction of this acronym, virtual business and/or website owners have been introduced to a large assortment of books, guides, sales copy, articles, and blogs about the importance of NAP and its overall level of consistency.

We understand how important local citation building is for your business.

We know the tactics and strategies for ensuring that your business is successful, relevant, present, and trackable through NAP. Now, we are going to share some vital information with you regarding local citation.

Geo-Targeted Searches

Geo Target for Citation Building

NAP is a critical component to geo-targeted searches. Major search engines – like Google – take the name, address, and phone number of your business highly into account when it comes to geographical-based searches.

Have you ever been in a neighboring city and received information on your smartphone about restaurants, businesses, and even the weather in that region? Of course, you have! That information is all made possible by the inclusion and proper placement of NAP on your website! It is THAT simple! While placing this information on your website is essential to search engine optimization, it does not just stop there!


The next crucial element to local citation for SEO purposes is the placement of your NAP information. You should submit this information on the top region of each of your web pages, and it should be consistent among all locations. Basically, this means you should make certain that your information is up-to-date and that it is properly placed.

Additionally, placement of your NAP information should extend out from the pages of your website. You should submit or claim your listings for certain geographical areas to websites such as Yelp. In taking this measure, you are sure to rank for your niche, your industry, and your specialty in your area!

The Benefits of Citation Building

Incorporating NAP information across your web pages and other online sites that is consistent will aid in improving your search rankings for keywords, keyword phrases, AND certain locations. It will provide you with the unique ability to increase the amount of organic traffic that you receive to your website, and will result in total optimization when it comes to the number of potentially successful leads that you obtain.

We specialize in the proper placement of your NAP information, the proper format of this information, as well as keyword optimization and general website creation and presence.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, let us help you! In the world of SEO, being on target is the only way to be successful. Contact us today to stay on top of tomorrow’s success:


May 8, 2017

Design Makes a Difference

web design makes a difference

web design makes a difference

Web design is an essential component to your overall success on the World Wide Web. According to marketing experts, a professional website is the most important aspect associated with online presence.

In the late 1990s, websites representing businesses required no more than a page designed with the most basic of HTML, an attractive color and/or design scheme, and a bit of contact information.

In today’s world of lightning-speed innovation, technological advancements, and increasing demands from internet users that seek instant gratification, this has dramatically changed. The website is not only the platform for a business, it acts as that company’s representative – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result, website design is now a crucial element for success.

Perception IS Reality

When focusing on website design, there is one key fact that you must keep in mind; that is, perception IS reality. If the design of your website is disorganized, void of information, and does not appeal to the senses of your visitors, those visitors are likely to view your business as being disorganized, voice of information, and completely unappealing.

The result?

You will be unable to develop trust with your visitors. Internet users are more tech savvy than ever before. If your website is designed optimally, it will be viewed optimally. In simple terms, people trust websites that look good. When people trust websites, they will develop a trust for the company behind the website.

web design computer screen

It is NOT About You; It is About the User

In the past, websites were designed in such a way that they were all about the business that they represented.

This is no longer fact.

It is NOT about you or your business; it is all about the user. A properly designed website is a usable website. It is a website that optimizes the user experience. It is a website that is easy to explore and allows a user to appropriately navigate all areas. It is transparent. If a website does not possess these characteristics, it is not properly designed.

Visitor Purpose

In the earliest days of the internet, websites did little more than broadcast a name, an address, an email, and possibly a telephone number. Those websites provided visitors with very little in terms of “purpose”.

Today, it is much different. Internet users are seeking their purpose upon visiting a website. Successfully designed websites provide this purpose and it is not difficult to figure out. On your end, that purpose is conversion.

That is, converting your visitors from guests to buyers, from visitors to customers…. If your website design does not encourage this conversion, you will experience little to no success.

There are many steps and strategies to optimal web design, but, why waste all that time, energy, and money doing it yourself?

We here at Brick Road Media are professionals in website design and ensuring your overall success online! For more information, call us today at: