The brand of your business is – ultimately – defined as a customer’s perception of your company. Branding is a specialized activity that aids in the crafting of that unique perception. Brand building is a critical component to the overall success of your business and your ability to attract and retain customers. Brand building is a means of creating long-term relations with customers. It is the basis of your leads, your sales, the referral process, and the general advocacy for the products and/or services that you offer.

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What is a Brand?

As stated previously, the brand is the perception that individuals have of your business.

Your brand is your reputation. It’s what’s memorable. It’s what sets you apart.

It is a consistent, unique experience that identifies who you are and what – exactly – you represent to the customer base that you develop. It sets the expectation for the customer of what they are sure to experience each time that they interact with your company. Above all, a brand is that which is instantly recognizable and uniquely all YOURS.

What Makes a Brand?

That which makes a brand includes a type of positive image that stands out. It consists of a specific strategy, a certain identity, and marketing techniques that make it recognizably associated with your business. It identifies how you are different.

It portrays the fact that your business is trustworthy. Its what they remember about you. It is likable. It successfully conveys the purpose of your business, the promises that you provide to your customers, and the steps that you take to truly solve the problems that today’s consumers face.

What are the Main Components of a Brand Identity?

The brand identity is the method in which your business conveys a message to consumers. It consists of visual components, messaging tactics, and general experience. It directly impacts how your business presents itself and aligns that presentation with the purpose of your business. The identity of your brand should be consistent and applied to all marketing channels for maximum impact.

The following factors should be integrated into your brand identity to lend to the success of your business in becoming instantly recognizable:

  1. Advertising Techniques
  2. Collateral
  3. Colors
  4. Content
  5. Fonts
  6. Icons
  7. Logo
  8. Messaging
  9. Packaging
  10. Patterns
  11. Print
  12. Website Design

The Importance of Value Proposition

In terms of brand building, one of the most important components of your success is your value proposition. What IS value proposition, though?

A Value Proposition is your promise of value that your business commits to providing.

In short, it is – ultimately – the single most important reason why customers should make a purchase from your business and not one from a competitor.

What are the 4 Core Components to Value Proposition Descriptions?

In order to successfully build a brand, you will need to highlight descriptions of your value proposition. The following outlines the 4 core components of this, with a brief explanation of each:

  1. What Does Your Business Do – When building the value proposition for your brand, you must first define exactly what it is that your business does.
  2. How Do You Do It – Next, you will need to describe how you successfully do that which you do.
  3. Who Do You Do It For – You must create a niche and then become THE expert of that niche. You must outline who you serve.
  4. What Makes You Different – In brand building and creating your value proposition, it is critical that you outline what makes you different. What makes you special?

What Are the Steps to Determining Value Proposition for Brand Building?

To successfully determine the value proposition for your business for the purpose and intent of brand building, you must know who your customers are.

You then must determine the goals and the unique needs of your customers.

Then, you must position your brand in such a way that it outlines the fact that you are the best business suited to meet the needs of your customers.

Once you establish your value proposition, you are ready to engage in brand marketing.

What is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is the strategy that your business will utilize in order to highlight products and services that you offer as a way to increase awareness among consumers. It connects the values of your business with the voice of your business to create a certain “persona”. In turn, this “persona” will attract your target audience through strategic forms of communication.

Examples of brand marketing techniques include – but are not at all limited – to the following:

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website

How to Build a Brand That Attracts

Now that we have covered some of the core components of brand building, let’s get back to the basics. More details on the “details” will follow. Just be certain to bookmark us and revisit us regularly to learn the ins and outs of brand building. Now, on to the ultimate question…how can you build a brand that instantly attracts customers?

It all starts with purpose.

Yes, I know it seems to go back and forth, but most of the aspects of brand building are like that. Go from purpose to value, back to purpose…it is an ever-evolving process that is often challenging for many to master. We are going to make it really simple for you:

It is NOT about you.

It is NOT about your products.

It is NOT about your services.

It is NOT about your sales.

It is NOT about the financial success of your business.


Now, to be a powerful, well-known, and successful brand, you must have a powerful, well-known purpose. This should be the basis of your business. Your PASSION should be YOUR PURPOSE. Your customers have issues. They have problems. They need things. Every product and service that you offer in your business will enhance the lives of your customers.

THAT is what it is ALL ABOUT.

The foundation of your brand-building activities should be helping to improve the lives of your customers. Then, all content, messaging, and other forms of communication – be it a slogan, a tagline, your value proposition, your stories, your Facebook posts, etc. – should center around that concept. Consider the following:

  1. What products and/or services does your business offer your customers?
  2. How is your business and what you offer different from your competitors?
  3. Why are you so passionate about your business and why is this your purpose?


Now, the next step to building a brand that will instantly become popular among your customers requires you to get a little nosey. We all say we mind our own business, but the truth of the matter is, we all enjoy a little detective work.

In short, you have to spy on the competition.

When creating a brand, you must know what the competition is up to, set yourself apart, and offer a unique selling position on the products and services that you specialize.

By doing a little sleuth work, you will instantly be able to identify a way to set your business apart. You will be able to relay to your potential customers WHY they should opt for your business and not those others. If you have a little trouble with this, simply come up with a way to COMPLETELY stand out.

By studying your competition, you will not only discover but will also DEFINE the unique positioning of your brand. In turn, you will be able to relay THAT position to your potential customers.

Identifying What Makes YOUR Products and/or Services Beneficial

Now, it is time to determine what makes the products and/or services that you offer the BEST. They are uniquely YOURS. Your business is YOURS. Your brand is YOURS.

What are YOU offering that cannot be found anywhere else? What are the benefits of the products that you sell or the services that you offer? What are the EXTRA perks of purchasing from YOUR BUSINESS?

Once you identify these aspects, you will need to work to share that information with your target audience. This may be done through content creation, social media posts, blogs, sales copy, and other marketing strategies.

Brand Building

You ARE Unique

Do not copy another brand. Your business is unique. You must form a voice that is uniquely yours. It must be based on your mission, value proposition, industry, niche, target audience, and what you offer. If you require assistance, we here at Brick Road Media can help you! While brand building is exceptionally easy – once you get the hang of it – it can be quite challenging without the help of the professionals.

We offer a wide range of services that will help you with this endeavor. This includes website creation, content creation, and business collaboration. Don’t wait another day as that could mean the difference between your customers purchasing from you or purchasing from the competition. Contact us now.