In today’s world, businesses are no longer inquiring as to “if” they should be utilizing social media, they are researching strategies on “how” to incorporate social media into their business.

The extremely rapid adoption and integration of social media for businesses is becoming increasingly apparent among businesses and how we all do business. The term “social media” is a relatively broad description of the various online technology-based tools that allow individuals to communicate with a high level of ease and through the means of internet sharing and state-of-the-art resources.

You are what you share….” – Charles W. Leadbeater

The various methods that may be utilized by today’s businesses through social media include posting relevant content on forums and blogs, sharing business-related photographs and other types of images, posting audio-based clips, sharing videos, sharing and exchanging links, and creating brand-building profiles on networking websites that permit for the regular posting of updates. All of these are typically done with an integrated mechanism for feedback.

There are various outlets in terms of social media. Despite their similarities and abilities, the platforms that encourage social interaction and exchanges for businesses have landscapes that are ever-evolving. The following outline some of the most popular types of activities that may be pursued by a business and the platforms on which those activities are pursued:

  • Social Bookmarking – The most popular websites for social bookmarking include Digg, Pinterest, and Reddit.
  • Blogging – WordPress, Blogger, and TypePad rank as most popular for blogging endeavors with a social overtone.
  • Business Pages – To get social with a business, you want to opt for Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Video Sharing – Does your business create and share videos of products and services? If you answered “yes”, you will want to opt for YouTube, Vimeo, and even Daily Motion.
  • Social Network Endeavors – For social networking, your best bet are sites like Facebook, Ning, and MySpace.
  • Micro Blogging -Twitter, Friend Feed, and Tumblr are excellent resources for businesses that wish to engage in the act of micro blogging.
  • Photo Sharing – Have a desire to share photos for your business? Go for My Shutterbox, Flickr, and Wallspace.
  • Reviews and Ratings – If you want user reviews and/or ratings for your business, go with Google, Yelp, and Yahoo.

Numerous benefits surround the use of social media; especially when it comes to your business. The main advantages of utilizing social media include the following:

  • You have the capability of reaching and extending those that you have a desire to market to in a quick and affordable fashion.
  • You may increase the overall awareness of your brand on the World Wide Web.
  • Traffic will instantly be driven directly to your website.
  • You may create “buzz” and excitement about your products, your services, and any events that your business will be hosting.
  • You will be able to educate and provide information to your customers on the launches of products and services associated with your company.
  • You may personalize your level of customer service and develop solid relationships with your customers.

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