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April 11, 2017

It is 2017. What’s Going in the Content Marketing world?

content marketing for 2017

Content marketing has been an important part of doing business online from the beginning. It has changed over the years to better engage readers. But as always 'Content is King'

In 2017, this trend continues. So what's happening with content marketing in 2017? Here are few tips to make your content better.

content marketing for 2017

Going More Niche

Rather than covering topics in a broad, generalized manner, content will need to go more into niches that appeal to smaller interest groups. Instead of writing something like “how to sell products online”, write about “how to use social media to promote skin care products.” The former is too general to have enough appeal to readers since it is like so many others that it won’t stand out. The latter is more defined. The smart move is to take your content deeper into smaller niches of your general topic.

content marketing for 2017 - smaller bites of content

Smaller Bites of Content

Some marketers, especially new ones, make the mistake of thinking content needs to be long to be good. This has not been the case for a long time and that is even more true for 2017. Most people don’t finish reading content that is long and wordy. Our attention spans online just isn’t that long. Content is going shorter. Not only shorter but also more unique and packing more punch.

Video Content Gets More Notice in Search Engines

This makes a lot of sense because, after all, Google owns YouTube and strongly favors videos in search. This opens up ways to reuse old content. If you have content that is old but still good, use it to make a video. Have some content written specifically for creating videos and uploading to YouTube.

Engaging Content Will be More Important

Content marketers are quite good at attracting new readers. What needs to happen in 2017 is for them to become just as good at growing and retaining their existing audiences. Readers often find content they enjoy but it doesn’t engage them enough to get them to subscribe and keep returning for more information. Write content that captures attention, gets people to subscribe and after that? Don’t drop the ball, keep giving them great content so they don’t feel the need to look elsewhere.

content marketing ideas

Good, Solid Content is Your Best Advertising

Over the last several years, marketers have been increasingly focused on content as a marketing tool over traditional advertising. This will be a continuing trend for 2017. Marketers have found that content marketing does better for them in reaching people than ads. It is more cost effective and engaging.

Other trends of note for 2017 include more images in content. People want content that is more interactive, not just a bunch of text. So sharper, snappier content is on the horizon for content marketing this year.

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March 5, 2015

Content Marketing Tips. 5 Ways to Create Awesome Content

content-marketing-tipsAll content marketing strategies that are considered to be successful are, essentially, a form of ongoing communications that not only deliver useful and high-quality content, but, also focus on empathizing with customers.

In order to make your content awesome, you must view each content object that you publish as a form of communication that promises your target audience with useful information that is relevant. You must not view each piece as just an “article” or a “blog”.

You must place an emphasis on informing and inspiring your target audience. In doing so, you will create anticipation among your readers. According to those that have achieved a high level of success in their content marketing endeavors, there are few things and actions that are more powerful in attracting a following that is highly loyal than the anticipation of what will abound next. In this content marketing guide, you will be introduced to more than just blogging tips or article writing tips.

You will be provided with the top and absolutely essential components to creating a growing and successful momentum of awesome content.

1. Capture the Attention of Your Target Audience

In nearly all blogging tips and article marketing tips, you will discover information that expounds on the fact that your content must capture the attention of your reader.

While this is a productive measure, it is more productive to ensure that you capture the attention of your TARGET AUDIENCE – that is, the group of people that you WANT to ATTRACT in order to achieve success in your niche. In the past few years, individuals that stumble across various types of content – blogs, articles, social media posts, images, and videos – have grown exceptionally discerning.

You must deliver quality.

Your target audience is looking for expert information, personal and professional experiences, and appeal in each blog that you create, each article that you write, each video that you post, and every presentation that you are responsible.

You MUST capture their attention AND maintain their attention. The following steps may be used to achieve success in this endeavor:

  • First, you should focus on creating images that are unique and attractive. One of the best methods for succeeding in this task is to take imagery and use Canva.com in order to create innovative and appealing images that may be used in your content marketing endeavors.
  • Second, you should consider combining different media types in order to attract and maintain the attention of your target audience. For example, if you create a blog or an article, you should consider adding YouTube videos or embedding your own videos to supplement the content. In addition to this, you may make use of infographics or tip-o-graphics in order to provide another medium for your target audience to consume, other than simply reading.
  • Finally, you may want to consider firing up SoundCloud in order to record your voice and place that within your post or article.

2. Forget SEO, Optimize for Readership and Engagement

Throughout the history of the internet, all content marketers have been pushed to optimize their blogs and articles for search engines.

While the use of keywords, keyword phrases, and even latent semantic indexing techniques are all still productive ways to ensure high rankings in major search engines, it is more important – these days – to optimize for readership and engagement, NOT for search engines. Search engines are nothing more than a complex program that reads in an unemotional manner.

target audience

Your target audience, on the other hand, is a complex group of people that read emotionally and seek high-quality content. When it comes to blogging tips and article writing tips, you should place a focus on optimizing for readership and getting that readership to engage.

For example, piece together content that is relevant to your readers. Then, embed Facebook, Google +, and other social media platforms on your post to optimize engagement.

3. Optimize for Conversion

The next secret to creating absolutely awesome content and succeeding in your content marketing efforts is to optimize your content for conversion.

Turn your target audience into email list subscribers, provide them with a free eBook, implement click-based pop-ups and toolbars so your target audience may instantly convert, provide links to other content on your website, and use exit pop-ups.

4. Intelligent Formatting

When it comes to creating awesome content that will reap high rewards in your content marketing strategy, it is important to indulge in intelligent formatting when creating your blogs and/or articles. The following tips will assist in this endeavor:

  • Create articles and blogs with bold subheadings that assist in grabbing a reader’s attention.
  • Be certain to use images throughout the piece to visually stimulate your target audience.
  • Utilize bullet points, and even numbered lists, to section off your article and provide information quickly and precisely.

5. Be Innovative

Your target audience is fickle. Most skim-read, others channel-surf and nearly all move quickly.

If you want to succeed in content marketing, you must be innovative. Different IS better when it comes to blogging and composing articles.

Tell stories, display honesty, be a content persona, and become an expert in your niche. All of these actions will make you unique and highly appealing.


Content marketing is the most productive means of achieving success on the web. In order to reap the rewards that you desire, you must create awesome content. By grabbing your target audiences’ attention, optimizing for readership and engagement, optimizing for conversion, using intelligent formatting, and being innovative, your content will be awesome!


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