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February 15, 2017

Facebook Marketing for 2017

Facebook Marketing for 2017

Facebook Marketing for 2017

Facebook is consistently evolving. Today, the platform is constantly undergoing the process of testing, putting out updates, and rolling out new and exciting features – especially for those that want to build a personal and/or professional brand. Facebook marketing for 2017, as we can guess, will be no different. Facebook loves to change things around.

This year, were sure to see several new expansions to the site that will aid in marketing people, products, and services.

In this brief guide, you will be introduced to several different predictions that directly pertain to Facebook marketing. While many of these predictions are based on speculation, there are those that are based on research, facts, and figures directly publicized by Facebook.


The Introduction of Monetization Bots


In the past, the creator of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg – has stated that, unless a product reaches the point of one billion users, it is not considered to be a meaningful endeavor.  He continued by saying that once this point is reached, monetization efforts will be pursued.

The messenger program associated with Facebook has now reached one billion users. Now that this messenger program will be implemented with branding opportunities, it is important for businesses and individuals to create pages that will promote organic-based interaction with users.


Facebook Live


In 2017, we can expect to see higher levels of monetization in Facebook Live.

Advertisements are sure to be placed in the live streaming videos that will be placed on Facebook Live.

Each and every single day, approximately 500 million individuals watch about 100 million video hours. Companies should elect to integrate this form of marketing into their daily regimen of brand-building as it promises to be highly successful.


Call to Action Buttons Make Their Mark

facebook call to action button

Facebook recently integrated specially-designed Call to Action buttons on the platform for pages of local businesses.

These buttons aid in making the consumer experience optimal – on every level.

Now, people have the capability to shop, order, and contact local businesses with ease. If you want to take advantage of this marketing endeavor, you must look more into this feature. GPS technology will help customers find your business and learn about that which you offer.


What We Offer

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April 4, 2016

Facebook for Business – Part 1

facebook for business

Provide an Instant Boost to Your Business by Leveraging the Power of Facebook – Part 1

facebook for business

Facebook provides you with the unique opportunity to provide an instant boost to your business; however, you must know and understanding how to leverage its unique power.

Throughout the years, Facebook has been considered to be a dominant force in the world of social networking. On occasion, it has been challenged a bit by other emerging social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Despite this fact, Facebook remains to be the single most popular social network website throughout the world.

Currently, the platform has over one billion active members. That is an immense level of worldwide interest that you may use to the advantage of your business.

Facebook – At a Glance

facebook for business-icon

You probably already know what Facebook is all about; therefore, we are going to keep this on the simple side.

Essentially, it is a network that is designed to connect people to other people such as family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and those that share the same interests.

The social media network has such a large amount of traffic that many businesses are finding it to be a highly lucrative measure to promote their business on Facebook.

This social network website will allow you to get found by your target audience when they are searching for the products and/or services that you offer, will allow your business to create a specific community that will allow you to connect to and engage with your target audience, and will allow you to promote your marketing efforts. In turn, this allows you to convert your followers into paying customers.

The True Power Lies with the Consumer

When attempting to leverage the power of Facebook to grow your business, it is important to know and understand that the true power lies with the consumer. In fact, according to statistics, consumers hold ALL of the power.

When on a social media website, the consumer gets to choose if they interact with you, when they interact with you, and how they interact with you. Users navigate the platform based on their unique interests and needs.

By creating a strong presence on Facebook, you have the ability to be discovered by those consumers that are a part of your target audience. Facebook could be the most fundamental and the most important first point of contact to a consumer’s journey to becoming one of your customers!

Get Started Now

Here at Brick Road Media, we offer a unique package that will help you to instantaneously build your presence on Facebook and enhance the overall success of your business. We know how to attract consumers, convert consumers, help you close the deal with consumers, and how to keep those consumers happy. Not only do we offer a specific social media package, but, we also enlist professional writers to create highly compelling content for your site, and more!

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