Top Content Marketing Trends of 2016 are making themselves known. Content marketing is the act of ensuring that you provide your target audience with that which they desire. As we progress to the last quarter of 2016, we have seen paradigms shift, several new technological innovations, and a large assortment of change when it comes to internet-user preferences.

In this brief guide, we will outline the top trends of 2016:

Top Content Marketing Trends of 2016

Trend #1: Interactive Content Ranks Highest Among Internet Users

Let’s face it, with millions upon millions of businesses and individuals playing the marketing game in today’s world, plain content is no longer considered to be “enough” to achieve success. Today’s website and blog owners are pushing better, more interesting, and highly interactive content. As a result, the expectations of today’s internet user are steadily increasing.

Variability and interaction are becoming the common expectation of users. If you want to truly engage and experience a vast amount of ROI, it is essential that you integrate calculators, videos, games, and other types of engagement opportunities in your content.

Trend #2: Organic Reach is Experiencing a Significant Decline

In the past several years, the social media platforms have been the single-most dominant force when it comes to increasing the popularity of content. Internet users are consistently turning to these platforms to obtain news and virtually any type of information that they desire.

As of late, these platforms have started reducing the amount of organic-based visibility that content receives. That is, unless advertisers elect to pay for that exposure. This means that, if you want to promote your content, you will need to be more creative in its production and its distribution.

Trend #3: Content by Internet Users is Rising in Popularity

In recent months, user-generated content has become increasingly popular. There are many methods that you may use to obtain this type of content. You may create a forum on your site, encourage social media followers to chime in on topics, and solicit guest posts. People want to be heard and they are willing to share their opinions, experiences, and their knowledge.

Not only does obtaining this type of content help in search engine rank, but, the users that you share will be more willing to share that content – which links back to you! If you are interested in increasing the virality of your website and/or blog, this is a highly effective means of accomplishing your goals!

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