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July 24, 2017

How to Start a Business Online – Identifying a Need

starting an online business

Last week, we expounded on the fact that starting an online business is quickly becoming a trend among those that seek to harness the power of the virtual world. You learned why a business should transition to the World Wide Web. We also provided information on two of the most important aspects of your online business – a website and social networking.

We will return to these two topics as we continue this series; however, this week, we are going to focus on one of the most critical aspects of achieving success with your online business; that is, identifying a need. In many instances, online businesses will identify a product and/or service that they want to offer before identifying a market. Unfortunately, has the potential to be an exceptionally costly mistake.

You must first identify your market and the needs of your target market. Once this is done, everything will start to fall in place.

starting an online business

In Search of a Solution

When internet users conduct a search, in most instances, they are in search of a solution. They have a need, a problem, and a desire for certain types of information, products, and services that will aid in filling their need, solving their problem, and/or providing them with what they want. By identifying a target market, with a target need, you have the ability to create a website that will not only attract, but, will convert. You must be able to deliver results. Your website is the area on the World Wide Web where you will be able to succeed in this endeavor.

Conducting Market Research

Due to recent innovations and the massive amounts of information that are currently listed online, conducting market research to discover ways to identify and fulfill a need are easy. Simply conduct the following:

  1. First, visit forums, groups, and other types of community pages and learn what people are talking about. Find individuals and/or groups asking questions and take this information to determine what types of problems and complications in their life that they are attempting to solve or overcome.
  2. Next, do a little keyword research. You will want to find keywords and keyword phrases that are in high in demand among internet users but low in supply in terms of website availability. By taking this step, you will not find yourself competing with other websites. You may find that you quickly rank in search engines and that the traffic to your website is optimized.
  3. Chances are, you will find – at least – a little bit of competition. That is okay. Simply use it to your advantage. Go to your competitor’s websites and observe their techniques and strategies. Then, come up with a plan to better identify and fulfill the needs of your target audience.

By taking all of the measures outlined here, you are sure to find your target audience and identify the needs of that audience. Unfortunately, it is a time-consuming process.

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July 10, 2017

How to Start a Business Online – Introduction

How to Start a Business Online

Starting an online business is becoming prevalent among entrepreneurs, passionate internet users, and others that understand the importance of harnessing the virtual world. If you were wondering how to start a business online, youre in the right place.

How to Start a Business Online

Online business endeavors are often referred to as “electronic commerce”, or as an “e-business”. Essentially, the basis of all online business endeavors is to exchange highly-valuable information, products, and/or service in hopes of engaging in a monetary-based transaction.

Web-based technologies and various innovations are utilized in order to experience success in reaching internet users and providing them with that which they need and want. In this multi-part series, we will expound on the steps that are necessary to start an online business. If you are seeking to experience online success, we can help you!

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Why Should a Business Transition to the World Wide Web?

Before delving into the basic requirements on starting a business on the internet, we feel it is first important to explain exactly why a business should transition to the World Wide Web. In the simplest terms, the Web has created electronic-based (often referred to as “virtual”) marketplaces where varied trades may be conducted without the complication of geographical hindrances and barriers involving time.

As a result, online businesses have the unique capability of reaching greater distances and creating relationships that are more rich and dense than is offered through traditional brick and mortar attempts. The distribution of resources, economy efficiency, diminished costs, and increased competitiveness are all optimized for those businesses that elect to take advantage of the World Wide Web and the innovation thereof.


Naturally, if you want to create an online business, you will need to have a website. While it is possible to construct a website yourself, this is probably something that you just do not want to get into. Why worry about all that coding and programming? What about the content that you place on the site? You will need text-based content, images, and possibly even video content.

If you attempt to create all of this yourself, it could – literally – take a lifetime. You need to focus on return on investments and pulling in profits immediately. As a result, it is best to opt for a professional that has the ability to build your website, create content for it, and obtain copyright-free images that will help you succeed in your virtual space.

Social Networking

Once you have a website, you absolutely MUST engage in social networking. There are many social media platforms out there that will aid in your overall success. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and those that are similar in nature. In fact, the very nature of the online business model is actually changing quite rapidly with the advent of these sites. It is easy and inexpensive to do this – but, once again – time consuming. To reach the highest level of success, you should enlist a social media specialist that will create and manage your accounts. In taking this step, you are already creating a business that will result in massive profits!

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