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February 26, 2018

2018 SEO and Google Trends

Google Analytics

The two most complex sciences in current existence are that of search engine optimization and the search engine giant, Google; however, research, analysis, and studies have confirmed a few of the most popular trends in both areas for the year 2018.

Google Search Engine

Search engines are consistently striving to improve the overall quality of the results that their software renders to internet users.

It is a known fact that ranking factors are constantly changing; some simply become non-existent while others seem to develop seemingly overnight.

Currently, the algorithm utilized by Google consists of more than 200 individual factors. This is why it is more important – than ever before – for businesses and website owners to become familiar with SEO trends and Google trends.

The best place to hide…is page two of Google….” - WPCookHouse

Google Trends Chart

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strengthening in Power

In terms of search, artificial intelligence is gaining in power.

To provide an example of this, let’s consider RankBrain. Just a little over two years was when this initiated. It is a specially-designed learning artificial intelligence system that was presented by Google.

At its start, it processed approximately 15% of all of the queries in search engines by internet users. Today, it handles 100% of those internet search queries. Based on products and services integrated by Google, we can see that AI is going to be a heavy trend and incorporated into all search engine optimization.

In the past, it has been said to optimize for humans. This will hold even more truth as AI takes hold.

Google Voice Search

Voice Search Increases in Popularity

According to the latest figures, approximately one out of every five searches on mobile devices originate from a voice search.

As more voice-based devices emerge on the market, this is expected to increase quickly. Voice searchers utilize snippets that are located above traditional search results and answer their questions.

These are called “position 0” rankings.

By placing snippets within the SERPS of web pages, website owners are sure to see a drastic increase in their click-through rate. If you want to stay in the trend when it comes to Google and SEO, snippets are creating content for voice search inquiries is a necessity.

content for mobile users


The next big trend for 2018 in terms of both search engine optimization and Google is the indexing of mobile content first.

Just over three years ago, the searches on mobile devices exceeded that of desktop devices. Now that mobile use and searches has increased dramatically, Google is now engaging in the act of indexing mobile versions of content first and desktop only content last.

In short, it is quite possible that mobile searches will create the only SEO signals that search engines utilize to rank websites. If a site is not designed to be utilized on a mobile device, it will become completely out-of-date.

Get Ready NOW!

Change is coming, in terms of SEO and with Google. While many other changes apart from those mentioned in this guide can be expected, these are the most relevant to online businesses and websites. You should start preparing now. Failure to do so could result in the failure of your online presence.


February 12, 2018

Instagram Transforms the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Instagram on phone

Want to transform an ordinary business to an extraordinary success story? Instagram can help!

Instagram on phoneRecent studies confirm that social media usage is ever-expanding and increasing across all the demographics.

As a result, utilizing social media for marketing is an exceptionally valuable technique for businesses.

While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have proven to be worthy of business use, many are now turning to Instagram and its user base of more than 300 million users.

Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships….”David Alston

Visual Marketing at Its Best

In essence, Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media platform. While most other social media sites place a focus on sharing content and links, Instagram exclusively focuses on images and videos.

The benefit to this is that visual-based content is considered highly more engaging than text-based content. The visual imagery will aid in crafting and sharing messages that are more compelling.

Additionally, visual content allows you to highlight products, services, and show your business in action.

High Engagement Rate

In additional to visual marketing benefits, Instagram posts have a very high engagement rate.

According to studies done by Forrester, Instagram posts receive 58x the engagement for each follower than that of Facebook.

Additionally, Instagram posts are 120x more engaging than the posts listed on Twitter.

The main reason for this is, every post you share reaches each and every single one of your followers, whereas the organic reach on other social media platforms only reach 2% to 3% of your followers.

Social media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing….”Chris Brogan

Brand Building Opportunities Galore

Instagram is not a social media platform that directs followers to your site with every post. In fact, it is just the opposite.

You do not have the capability of posting links on the platform; however, you may post a link in the “Bio” section.

How is this beneficial?

Your followers and the users on the platform know that you are not making an attempt to sell to them.

You may highlight your company, the culture of your business, post videos and images of your products, or simply share content generated by other users in a way that allows your business to cultivate genuine relationships with your potential and current customers.

Get a Taste of Success

Instagram has the unique ability to increase the traffic to your website by up to 95%. You may see an increase in conversion rates of 50% or more. Additionally, you may decrease your site’s bounce rate by 60% or more – all in a very short time. We can help you make the most of Instagram for your business.

We will help you drive awareness of your brand, your products, and/or your services. We can help to reinforce or completely shift the perceptions surrounding your brand.

We can even help you create unique associations with professionals, partners, and other individuals within your industry.

By connecting with us today, we can help you leverage the immense power of Instagram for your business as quickly as tomorrow! Contact us today to discover how: