editorial-calendarBy using an editorial calendar, you have the potential to optimize your social media workflow – which is a very effective process for developing your brand, building relationships with your customers, and improving your overall success. In a world where social media platforms abound, it is imperative to utilize an editorial calendar to assist you in managing your content across those platforms.

This is a type of advance content planning tool that will allow you to map out specifics for the content editors that are part of your team. When reviewing social media tips, you will find that many businesses use the editorial calendar for a wide range of tasks, including the integration of marketing goals, content marketing strategies, and delivering high-quality, relevant information to customers.

The Goals of Social Media Workflow

In order to truly understand just how effective an editorial calendar is as it pertains to social media workflow, you must first gain an understanding of the goals associated with that workflow. They are as follows:

  • The workflow allows all members of your content marketing team to understand the vision that your business has behind interacting on social media platforms.
  • The workflow often involves assigning individual tasks to various individuals that are part of your content marketing team. The workflow will allow each person to know what their role is and how to execute the responsibilities of that role.
  • Individual tasks will be assigned that will lead to the overall success of the group.
  • Each individual that is part of your team will have a solid understanding of what they need to know to contribute positively to the company and when the tasks need to be completed.
  • Most social media workflow tasks that implement the use of an editorial calendar offer a communication channel among all members of the team.
  • An editorial calendar assists in optimizing each of the roles of the team so that it is self-contained, or able to manage itself.

The Team Members

In order to effectively utilize an editorial calendar for social media workflow, it is best to have a team of – at least – five different individuals: the editor, the contributor, the designer, the proofreader, and the social media manager.

Content marketing is considered to be a team “sport”, if you will. Regardless of whether you are working as an independent entrepreneur, or as a company, you must have more than one assistant when it comes to social media success. There are just too many tasks that need to be completed in a fast manner to engage on the endeavor all alone.

Here are some great editorial calendar resources:

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