We are now – officially – in what many refer to as the “digital age”. Businesses must capture the attention of their target audiences if they have the desire to achieve any level of success; however, getting attention is a challenge. There is a constant and ever-abundant flow of publishers, articles, websites, gizmos, gadgets, and apps that are in competition for the attention of the target audience of your business.

Your content must be compelling, engaging, entertaining, informative, and helpful; otherwise, it will end up being part of the data overload that is instantly blocked by your potential customers. In this guide, you will learn why it is important to create the best of the best when it comes to videos for your business. Continue reading to learn how to hook all of those potential customers out there with engaging and highly enriching video content.

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Why Should Businesses Create and Utilize Videos?

Benefits abound for businesses that elect to create and utilize videos. These include building your brand and your brand’s overall reach, boosting your sales, and even increasing your conversions.

While you may find that putting yourself “out there” is more than a bit challenging, the benefits that you will reap are absolutely fantastic.

Videos allow you to build trust with consumers.

You will be able to connect to potential customers on an intimate level. In turn, they will get to know you and will start to like you.

Finally, integrating videos into your marketing plan is another format that will allow you to instantly attract fans! In today’s world, many internet users prefer video content to any other type of content.

What Structure Should Be Used When Creating Videos for a Business?

In short, you should do 3 things when structuring a video. That is:

  1. Say what it is that you are going to say
  2. Say it
  3. Say what it is that you just said

As an additional bonus, when you structure your video, you should use a specific call to action throughout the entire length of the video. It does not have to be the same thing over and over, but definitely make sure that you use a call to action on a continual basis.

Now, just to guide you a little, use the following information and format to establish a well-structured, highly dynamic, and extremely compelling video for your business:

  1. Establish an Initial “Hook” – The “hook” of the video that you are creating is your idea, a problem people have, or a specific type of selling point that instantly captures the attention of the viewer. Utilize eye-catching titles, unique twists, visual effects, and even mystery objects that are blurred to keep the viewer wondering what will be uncovered.
  2. Create an Emotional Connection to a Problem – Most that view your video will have a certain problem. You can’t just say it; instead, create an emotional connection to where the viewer actually FEELS the problem for themselves. The viewer should be able to connect to the content on a very personal level and that connection should result in an emotional reaction.
  3. Highlight the Solution – Now, it is time to showcase the solution to the previous problem. What can your business do or what does it offer that will provide relief to those experiencing the problem? How does YOUR solution differentiate from the solutions offered by your competition?
  4. Call to Action – Now, it is true that you should include a call to action throughout the video that you create. You may invite them to learn more and tell them where to go to learn it – like your website. You may ask them to complete a contact form where you may send them more information. You may even move them to immediately make a purchase and experience the solution you offer for themselves. You may do ALL of the previously-mentioned ideas! The choice is yours!
  5. Build Credibility – Every person that views your video will experience some degree of doubt. That is perfectly normal! You should touch on concerns that they may have and counteract them by explaining the solution. You should outline how what your company offers is different from the other companies and exactly HOW it is better.
  6. Call to Action – Yes, you got it! Time to put that call to action back out there! Now, those that were not convinced before SHOULD be convinced to take the next step. Tell them what that step is – AGAIN.

Do Keywords Need to be Used in Videos?

Yes! keywords need to be used in videos. This is the same as writing content – only you will be SAYING the keyword instead of writing it.

Google and YouTube are able to pinpoint keyword usage in videos – just like in the written word. You must look for high-demand, low-supply keywords that are relevant to your niche. The keywords that you use should be placed in your title, and your description, and should be SAID throughout the video.

Using keywords in videos can instantly increase your rank in Google and allow your target audience to discover you FAST when they do an online search!

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Where Should Videos for a Business be Hosted?

The videos that you create for your business should not be hosted directly on your website. The reason being is that the files take up a lot of disk space and they bog down the bandwidth of a website, tremendously.

The good news is, if you host them on a site like YouTube, they are easy to embed directly on your website. Plus, YouTube has the absolutely LARGEST built-in audience of any video platform on the internet today!

Another great place to post your videos is on Vimeo. In addition to massive audiences, these two video platforms will actually help you rank HIGHER in search engines!

What Are the Main Benefits for Businesses That Create and Publish Videos?

As mentioned previously, numerous benefits abound when it comes to the creation and utilization of videos. The following will give you a quick glimpse at how YOUR business will benefit:

  1. First, you will become part of YouTube. This is considered to be the second absolutely largest of all search engines, worldwide. There are over 1 billion users that watch in excess of 250 million HOURS of videos on YouTube – each and every single day!
  2. You will rank high in not one – but two – major search engines. The first and second largest in the world – Google and YouTube!
  3. Your target audience will develop a solid understanding of what it is that you offer and that will lead to higher levels of confidence in making a purchase! So, in short, MORE SALES!
  4. Nearly 52% of all internet users state that video content is one of the main reasons behind their use of the internet. By using videos, you are providing a widely popular medium!
  5. Outreach through videos help in earning up to 3 times more responses by boosting the click-throughs on your email marketing campaign!
  6. Videos will allow you to connect on a personal level to your audience and aid in accumulating a strong brand-based affiliation.
  7. Videos are likely to show up in more social media feeds than other types of content.
  8. Videos allow you to create a stronger story that moves more people to act.
  9. When using videos, you will experience double conversion rates.
  10. It has been estimated that 93% of all businesses that utilize videos gain new customers and 40% of all consumers claim that a video increases the rate in which they make a purchase.

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