According to statistics, nearly 90% of all businesses are now utilizing video marketing as a tool. In fact, this form of marketing is now considered absolutely essential in the multimedia-based digital world. Today’s consumers actually expect videos to assist in the navigation of various services and products. This is due to the fact that this multimedia platform aids in the education on features, tools, and more – which lends to the decision-making process. In this guide, you will be presented with a wide assortment of video ideas that will prove effective for your business.

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The Amazing Power of YouTube

While there are many video platforms available, YouTube is where it’s at! Whether you’re teaching others, promoting a product, or building your brand, YouTube is a good place for just about every business owner. YouTube has 15 years under its belt and has an incredible reputation of growing better, faster, and extremely popular as time has progressed.

Before delving any further, we feel it is essential to share a few stats regarding YouTube in order for you to gain a solid understanding of its amazing power:

  • Each month, YouTube Has Approximately 1.7 billion Unique Visits
  • On Average, Visitors Spend Approximately 19 Minutes Each on the Platform – Each DAY
  • YouTube is Considered the Second Most-Visited Website in the Entire World – Right Behind Google
  • Each and Every Single Minute, nearly 695,000 Hours of Video are Streamed on the Video Platform
  • Over 81% of ALL Internet Users Have Used YouTube
  • Shorts on YouTube Get 15 billion HITS a DAY
  • Ads on YouTube May Reach up to 256 billion People
  • In 2021, Global Ad Revenue on the Platform was $28 billion
  • 30% of all Online Users Watch – AT LEAST – One Live Stream Each Week on YouTube
  • 92% of all Online Users Watch Video Content on the Site Each Week of the Year
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Video Ideas That Instantly Attract an Audience

Now that you are aware of the amazing power of YouTube, it is time consider some video ideas for your business. Not just any idea, either. These ideas must attract and audience and result in immediate conversions for your business. The following outlines the most effective choices:

  1. Introductory Videos – Once you create a channel on YouTube for your business, it is time to introduce yourself! Who are YOU and what is it that YOU DO? What is your business all about? WHY do you do what you do? If you have team members that are part of your business, introduce them, too! This will allow viewers to create an instant connection with those that are part of your business. In turn, this gives your business “personality” and allows potential customers to feel a more intimate connection to you. You will become more than a business name; you will become a personalized entity.
  2. Initiate a Vlog – A vlog is similar to a traditional written blog, only it is a video, instead. You may create personal vlogs, educational vlogs, informative vlogs, or even vlogs that are entertaining – the choice is yours! The goal is simply to engage those that watch your videos and keep them coming back for more! A vlog is an excellent way to instantly attract a large and exceptionally loyal audience!
  3. Tour or Behind-the-Scene Videos – Inquiring minds want to know! What is your office like? Do you run your business from home? Feature it! Is your business located in a unique neighborhood? What are your day-to-day operations like? People are naturally inquisitive and despite what they may admit (or not), they have a natural curiosity about the going ons and happenings that are occurring behind the computer screen. By creating tour videos or those that feature behind-the-scene activities, they will be drawn to your business and will satisfy their natural curiosity!
  4. Unique Facts – Let’s face it, we are all curious about each other. The problem is, not too many people – or businesses – share unique facts about themselves. If you really want to win people over, you should create videos that share unique facts. Perhaps you can share personal ones or ones that relate to your business. Either one is fine! If you are looking to connect on a personal level with your viewers, you may want to do facts pertaining to your personal life. These will display your unique personality and will allow people to get to know you in a new light!
  5. How-To & Tutorial Videos – When it comes to popular videos, those that show how to do something or tutorial videos rank as among the most popular. If you create these, you should focus on topics that pertain to your business and/or the products or services that you offer. To maximize the profit potential, you could even include one of your products or services as a way to do or complete whatever it is that your video is about.
  6. Product Tutorial – If you specialize in certain products, you may do videos that show people how to operate those products or certain features with the products. For example, if you specialize in selling security cameras, you may show how to work the app that is associated with those cameras, or how to install them for optimal viewing exposure, etc.
  7. FAQ Video – Regardless of what industry you are in, what services that you offer, or the products that you sell, people have questions! You could compile a list of the questions that you are typically asked and then create a special video where you answer all of the questions.
  8. Process Videos – In these types of videos, you could expound on the steps involved in the processes that you use – as a business – and even those associated with the clients that you work with. For example, if you have emergency food kits manufactured, you could show that process and then provide the details on how you get it from the factory to the customer’s front door. Believe it or not, a LOT of customers are into this type of thing! They want to know what happens, how it happens, and what happens as it is happening. If you provide that information, you are likely to instantly attract a massive following!
  9. Testimonials – When people are looking to work with a business, they want to know what other people think. What better way to provide that video than to include actual customers who would like to share their experience? You may have heard this referred to as “social proof”. It helps to instill trust in potential customers. Over time, that trust transitions into loyalty!
  10. Top “X” Lists – People love lists – especially those that frequently use the internet. If you want to connect with people on a personal level and become a fan favorite create a favorite list! The “x” represents a number. For example, “Top 10 Movies of 2023”, “Top 25 Books of 2022”, “Top 5 Online Games”, and “Top 10 Apps for Shoppers”.

Lights, Camera, Action

Now that you know why video marketing is critical, why YouTube should be a part of your marketing plan, and have a few video ideas that will prove to be effective for your business, it is time to get the lights, camera, and action rolling! We here at Brick Road Media are standing by to assist you with all of your online business endeavors! From your website, to your blog, to your vlog, and BEYOND! If you want to achieve a high level of online success, let us help!