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July 28, 2016

A Mobile-Friendly Website is Now a Necessity

Mobile-Friendly Website
Mobile-Friendly Website

Reach the World with a Mobile-Friendly Website

In recent years, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other types of mobile devices have become the preferred method of accessing the internet. Individuals are no longer simply sitting in front of their desktops.

Now that they have the flexibility to move, explore their world, and are constantly on the go, they are accessing websites from their mobile devices more than ever before. The amount of people that use mobile devices is only expected to increase in the next few years.

Internet users want the convenience, ease, visibility, and the means to easily and quickly access your website while on the move. If you fail to convert your website to mobile or – at the minimum – integrate a responsive design on your website, you are sure to experience complications in the near future.

A Mobile-Friendly Website

Many traditional website owners have made the attempt to tweak their website so that it will display on mobile devices. You should know – right here and now – this is often ineffective. Mobile electronics have small displays and will often distort the images that are part of a traditional website.

Make sure your website is totally transformed for mobile viewing. A Mobile-Friendly website means including the most essential of all features. The content should include hyperlinks that easily allow the relevant page transition. The interface elements should also be enlarged so that links are 'finger sized' for mobile touch screen devices.

Responsive Design

The easiest way to ensure that your website is ready for mobile devices is to opt for the increasingly-popular responsive design. These websites have the unique capability of determining exactly how they are being accessed – whether it is through a standard desktop PC, a smartphone, a tablet. Once the website recognizes how the internet user is accessing the site, it will then automatically resize itself so that the internet user experiences optimal viewing.

While it is true that responsive design may be a bit more expensive in the beginning phase of website development, it is also true that – over time – these websites are the most lucrative.

Google Penalty

The next reason why you need a mobile-friendly website is that now Google may actually penalize your site if it is not made for mobile devices. As a result of this, you will likely find that Google fails to list your website as one that is legitimate in their search results. As you well know, if you are not listed and backed by Google on the World Wide Web, you are not very likely to experience a lot of success with your website.

If you have a desire to boost your organic search engine results, increase the amount of hyperlinks pointing to your website, and want to experience a massive amount of success, you must have a mobile-friendly website.

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July 20, 2016

3 Super Cheap Ways to Market Your Business

Cheap Ways to Market Your Business
Cheap Ways to Market Your Business

Cheap Ways to Market Your Business

Let’s face it; today’s economy is tight! This makes it increasingly difficult for small businesses to allocate the funds that are necessary to advertise. In fact, marketing budgets are typically ALWAYS the first to be cut when cash flow issues and/or concerns arise.

The truth of the matter is, when times are considered to be “tough” this is the time when your brand SHOULD be marketed! It is a known fact that an economic downturn will result in less funds at the disposal of clients, customers, and other consumers. When these individuals ARE ready to make a purchase, you need your brand to be in front of them!

This means that you must market your business on a consistent basis! If you are operating on a very low budget, continue reading! Here, you will be introduced to 3 super cheap ways to market your business – even in the toughest of times, money-wise.

Method #1: Build Relationships

Any business professional will tell you that it is cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new customer. This is why it is imperative that you place an emphasis on building relationships with those that are part of your customer base. You may launch an email campaign, start a blog, or even create pages on social media platforms in order to connect with your customers and develop solid relationships with them.

If you build relationships with your customers, it is quite likely that those individuals will pass along information about your business. Essentially, this is free advertising!

Method #2: Place an Emphasis on Referrals

If you are attempting to market your business on a budget, it is imperative that you ask for referrals. While most people will not, openly, offer information on referrals; they will likely offer referrals if they are asked. By obtaining new referrals, you will be able to connect to consumers that may take an interest in the products and/or services that you offer! In fact, referrals could result in a vast array of opportunities for your business!

Method #3: Give Something Away

Now, the whole point of a business is profits; however, did you know that you have the potential to receive a lot of profits by giving something away? Yes, it is true! Consumers that have the unique ability to experience the services and/or products that you have for free will be more willing to make an investment into your business at a later date.

You may provide a free informational product, a free trial, or any other type of “freebie”. You are sure to find that this is a wonderful and easy method of attracting new customers!

If you are ready to start your business, we can help! Not only do we build supersites, blogs, and help in social media campaigns, but, we also specialize in providing you with top-rated methods for making your business a massive success! If you want to truly achieve the success that you desire tomorrow, you should start with Brick Road Media today! 
July 11, 2016

How to Increase Facebook Engagement – Part 2

Increase Facebook Engagement

Thank you for joining us as we continue our series, How to Increase Facebook Engagement. Last week, you learned that, as a business owner, it is important to utilize social media platforms – like Facebook – to increase engagement with current customers, potential customers, and representatives in your industry.

You learned that active response is the number one goal of Facebook engagement – not fans, followers, or “Likes”.

You also learned the first three steps to increasing engagement on Facebook. That is, to be transparent, build trust, and avoid oversharing.

This week, we will continue with a couple of other steps that will have you engaging and converting with ease!

Increase Facebook Engagement

Increase Facebook Engagement

How to Increase Facebook Engagement - Part 2

1. Tell Your Story

Regardless of your industry or niche, you have a story to tell. Tell it! It is a proven fact that a good story carries an immense degree of power – especially when it comes to social media. When you tell your story, others are sure to react. It is your job to absorb those reactions and respond to those reactions.

By doing so, you will be able to connect with others that have been directly affected by your story. These interactions could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

2. Create, Find, and Share

Social media is all about sharing and connecting. If you want to build engagement, you should create, find, and share all types of content from various sources – not just your own. It is important to be the brand that is in “the know”.

You should share posts that are funny and thought-provoking. You should create memories. You should ask questions and encourage responses. By taking this step, you are sure to find that more and more people are engaged and converting through your Facebook Page.

3. Act Fast

The 6th and final step that we will be outlining in this series is to act fast. In previous years, it was acceptable to respond to potential customers, current customers, and industry representatives within a 24 hour period. That is no longer the “norm”. You must respond immediately, or, as quickly as possible. The digital/virtual world moves at an alarming pace.

If you do not act fast, you are sure to miss the opportunity to actively engage – especially when it comes to Facebook. People are all about instant gratification and you must be willing to deliver!

Facebook is more than just a place to play and chat. It is a platform that may offer you and your business many benefits in terms of engagement and conversion. In this two-part series, we have presented several steps that you may take to get a jump start on engaging with your fans, followers, and “Likes”.

Here at Brick Road Media, we believe that all businesses should be highly proactive on Facebook. They should leverage the power of Facebook to grow and achieve success. We have even cracked the code on how to attract, engage, and convert quickly and easily on the social media platform.

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July 5, 2016

How to Increase Facebook Engagement – Part 1

facebook engagement
facebook engagement

How to Increase Facebook Engagement

How to Increase Facebook Engagement

As a business owner, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that you are engaging with potential customers, current customers, and industry representatives on Facebook. You must increase brand awareness; however, it is important to use the social media platform like a telephone when it comes to engagement – not a loud, annoying megaphone.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, are more than just a method of boosting self-promotional messages to passive audiences. You must listen to the community, craft content that is designed to meet their needs and solve problems for them, and you must elicit and invite responses from that community.

In this multi-part series, you will learn several productive tips that will help you increase your brand’s engagement on Facebook.

Active Response is Essential

In order to successfully engage on Facebook, you must first understand that active response is absolutely essential. Many brands make the mistake of believing that successful engagement is based upon the number of fans, followers, or “Likes” that their page receives when, in fact, it is about who is responding and the number of people responding.

The goals of engagement may include humanizing your brand, managing the reputation of your business, creating advocates for your brand, generating leads, handling issues, resolving issues, and generating sales. Regardless of your goals when it comes to engagement, it is essential to elicit active responses.

Now that you understand that, it is time to move on to the steps that will result in active response and increase engagement on your Facebook Page.

1. Ensure Transparency

In order to promote engagement on Facebook, you must be transparent. That means that you must be open. By being open, those that follow your page will form a sense of involvement with your brand. They will feel and appreciate the fact that you put your trust in each of them.

Examples of transparency may include providing a behind-the-scenes look at your brand, reacting to reviews, soliciting feedback, and introducing people that are on your team.

2. Build Trust

The next step to encouraging engagement on Facebook is to build trust. There are several creative ways to accumulate trust on this social media platform.

First, you may encourage employees to be open and share their thoughts and ideas. You may display empathy and interest in people and your community. You may act as a helpful resource to those that are involved with your brand’s page.

3. Avoid Oversharing

Many brands choose to share consistently as they believe that it will encourage engagement. This is not always the case. In fact, oversharing should be avoided.

According to numerous studies, sharing too much – be it posts, pictures, updates, etc… - has the potential to be a real turn off to online audiences. You should post in a precise, organized fashion. Use a social media calendar, if you must!

Thank you for joining us this week for our first installment in this series. If you would like assistance in building engagement on your Facebook Page, contact Brick Road Media today at: